Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Postcard from...Hiroshima

Where are we now?!
Hi everyone.

I have been away for the weekend (June 25-6) in Hiroshima. I have never been here before, but have always wanted to visit. Attending the second JALT EBM of the year here was a very good excuse - but of course I was very busy most of the day times in meetings & talking to teachers from all over the country (and introducing our Damian to people - did you know he is the PR guy for Shinshu Chapter?)

On Saturday evening, we managed to find a pub that was going to show the third & final rugby test match between England & Australia. I really wanted to see England make it a 'whitewash'. I was not disappointed, and was smiling from ear to ear (Kilkennys helped) by bedtime.
Thousands of Cranes for Peace

On Sunday afternoon, meetings finished, we tore off to Miyajima and the amazing temple there. Wasn't sure what to expect, but would have been impressed regardless. Wonderful structure, incredibly peaceful, and a very calming sunset sitting on the sea wall. A ridiculously overpriced & snobby craft beer pub annoyed us, but a standing-up steak bar/restaurant was divine!

Monday morning was an all too brief look around the Peace Park - President Obama was here a few weeks ago - which was ground zero one innocent August morning in 1945. In a flash the world changed; impossible to imagine & overwhelming in scale. The A Dome is an iconic image/symbol which is being reinforced to stand testimony even if an earthquake hits the city. 

Where the world changed
I am very glad I finally managed to visit this clean, organised and happy city. I love the trams, and the vibrant city finally enjoying a successful baseball season too.

Sorry it took a while to post this postcard :)


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