Sunday, 3 July 2016

Is there nothing that we as individuals can do prevent climate change?

We often have unusual weather these days, for example heat wave, drought, flood and so on. A mount of ice in the Arctic Circle is starting melt. The cause must be global warming. It can be serious problem for the earth and animals. Extreme weather also damages to agriculture, living environment. This is a huge issue, but I believe we as individuals can do prevent clime change.

There are several things we can do, for example, keep the temperature about 28°C when you use a air conditioner, use public transportation instead of driving a car, turn off the TV, read books. It looks small thing but most of us do this, it will have an effect.

Another thing we can do is to use renewable energy, for example, wind power generation, small hydroelectric generation, and solar power generation so on. Massive energy is necessary to our contemporary life. For this reason, we need to think about how to use energy and what sort of energy we should use. We need to  try to reduce exhaust gas, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are actually most important thing.

Global warming, clime change, they are big problems. It seems there is noting we can do, but actually doing small things every individually in our life is most important I suppose.
By Teruki Matsumoto