Thursday, 30 June 2016

There is nothing that we as individuals can do to prevent climate change

  Nowadays extreme weather in increasing all over the world. For example, heavy rain, unusually warm winters, scorching heat, typhoons and so on. A few days ago, Kyushu area had a disaster caused by torrential rain. I think extreme weather is caused by global warming. So, I think we must prevent global warming.

  There are several things we can do, for instance recycling waste, using public transport, turn air condition off, getting rid of food waste, etc... If we all do these things, I believe it will be conducive to prevent global warming.

  Secondly, the national government and municipalities should be more active and take stronger measures. I think it'll be large-scale activities.

  Finally, we must leave this planet to the next generation. Not only human but also animals and plants. In conclusion, it is the most important mission in our life.

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