Thursday, 9 June 2016

Seasons and Celebrations - Most famous celebration

New year's celebration is the most famous celebration my country.

After Christmas, my family sent new year's cards to friends and relatives.

When I was young, I made rice cakes with a mallet and a mortar at my grandparents' house, and hung pine decorations in front of the gate to guard a house from bad things in December 28.

My family did the house cleaning in December 30. After that we went shopping to buy some groceries to make special foods.

Each special foods had a meaning of good luck, for example ,family's prosperity, long life, and good health.

In new years eve, we finished making special foods before NHK's songs festival on TV. We enjoyed dinner and programme untill midnight.

New years day came, children began to get excited because of new year's handsels. After eating special food on January 1, We went to the shrine to pray for family's good luck.

For three days, I could get handsels. Besides my family spent very relaxed time, playing cards and playing board games. It was my wonderful memory.

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