Saturday, 11 June 2016

Death in the Freezer - A journalist investigates

Ellen Shore is guilty of murder. She tried to kill her brother Al with dangerous bacteria in strings and her fingerprints were on these strings.

Ellen Shore's family was an ordinary American family and Ellen was six years old when Al was born. Her parents loved him more than her. But he gave her nothing besides their old parents ' house.She wasn't nearly as happy as he was. He began a rock band and made records. Soon he was very rich and famous. He had many cars and a big house. As time went on , there was great difference between their life. She had a difficult life with three young kids and very little money. Perhaps Ellen began to hate him from her childhood. Ellen thought when Al died all his property was going to belong to her. They gave a dangerous sleeping drug to Al and froze his body to -196c. She stoled drugs and syringes from her hospital to give Al. Perhaps she put dangerous bacteria in them. She wanted to kill Al gradually.

But the situation took unexpected. Al was killed by the Futures.
Poor Al Shore was killed by both Ellen and the Futures.When Ellen switched off the freezer,Al was already dead. She killed a dead man.

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