Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Piano - A letter to your music teacher

Dear Mrs Lark,

How are you? It has been a long time since I left school. I am Tony Evans. Do You remember me?

I still remember your music lesson. I was not a smart boy, so I did not enjoy school. However, Tuesday was different. There was a music class of you on Tuesday, and I liked it very much. Although my family was poor and I did not have chance to enjoy music at home, I loved your music class very much.

After I left school, I worked on a farm where my parents used to work before.Mr and Mrs Wood are nice and I like my job. One day I found a piano in the farm's building and I had a chance to learn to play the piano by Mr Gordon who was a school teacher. Mr Gordon said I could be a pianist. I practiced the piano very hard every day with him after work on the farm.

There was a piano competition in the town. Mr Gordon told me to participate the competition. It was unbelievable, but I won! I was very happy and wanted to tell you about it. Thank you very much, Mrs Lark. Because of you, I love music.

Now I have a dream to be a pianist. I will practice more and more, and someday I want invite you to my concert.

Sincerely yours,
Anthony(Tom) Evans

Posted for Yasumi