Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A postcard to my friend

Dear Hakeu,

How are you?
I'm enjoying my summer vacation in Napori.
I arrived two days ago,and I'm staying in a cheap hotel near the station.
Yesterday, I went to see the castle Nuovo, and in the evening I visted the hill
Posillipo to see the night view.

At the moment, I'm having lunch in a pizzeria which has some tables on the street. Outside is quite hot. But, pizza margherita is excellent, big and cheap!
And I can feel the history and life of the local people.

My favourite area is the market.
There are many grocery shops. And there is vigor in many people.
I usually buy some wine in the market and enjoy it while planning the next day at the hotel.

See you next Tuesday!

From Rie

PS. Photograph of the back is the view from Posillipo.