Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Viking lifestyle - ice hotels

I am very interested in ICE HOTEL in Switzerland and Finland.
All things in this hotel are made by ICE.
Lodger can do all things as usual, but all tools are made by ICE.

  • Sit iced sofa to rest 
  • Sleep at iced bed 
  • Eat meals at iced table and chair 
  • Talk at iced bar and drink alcohol using iced glass 
  • Take a bath surrounded in ICE 

All furniture are made by ICE, but lodger doesn’t feel cold. But if lodger wants to get all warmed up, lodger can take a sauna bath made by ICE only for 15 min. When a lodger take a sauna bath, the ice width of sauna bath will reduce by 5mm.

I want to try how I can sleep at iced bed. Lodger doesn’t lie directly on Iced bed and some fur skin from serow protect the lodger from the coldness of iced bed. So, I want to experience how effect the fur skin from serow has.

And I have another reason that I am very interested in ICE HOTEL. Switzerland and Finland are one of counties where alive with aurora.

ICE HOTEL is made by ICE and it means there are many translucent sites. During lodger stays in ICE HOTEL, lodger can see aurora inside the hotel.

When aurora appears, lodger can go to outside to see aurora more clearly.

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