Thursday, 12 February 2009

Seasonal Poems, translated by Minemura

These poems have been taken from the NHK poetry program:

1) Uchiwamote Tsumanijizaini Ayatsurare
My wife is making a cool breeze for me with the fan. I feel very comfortable to have it in the living room. It's so nice that I think that I feel that I am a person of gentle nature, like a good child of her. I'm happy that she handles me at her will.

2)Nemureru wo Uchiwano Kazega Mamoriwori
It's a hot afternoon. Mother's fanning her baby. A gentle breeze is blowing to her. It seems to protect and keep the baby's health and happiness.

3)Henahenano Uchiwade Aogu Yazizakana
I am now baking a fish by fanning a charcoal fire. The fan is very old and worn out. But it can help make the fire well by fanning it.

My favourite haiku is number 3. I think this fan is very old and already worn out(like me!) This writer gives the old fan practice. The fan is very useful for baking fish by charcoal, not by grilling. Maybe the fan isn't welcome by the children or guests at the dining room because there everything is clean and new. There they will throw it away.