Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Martin Luther King

Q2. Use the clues below to complete this crossword with words from the story. Then find the hidden name in the crossword.
1. With the same rights as other people.
2. A noisy fight with a lot of people.
3. A group of young people who like to be together and who get into trouble with other groups.
4. To start fighting somebody.
5. Muhammad Ali was a famous one.
6. Someone who belongs to another person and its not free.
7. To plan something and make it happen.

The hidden name is Lincoln.

This book was difficult for me. I didn't know about Martin Luther King before reading this book. I knew him only a little by reading this book. I learned about the segregation issue of the United States, too. Barack Hussein Obama became the president of the United States in 2009. I wish him of the black to change the United States.

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