Saturday, 14 February 2009

While I was casting around old favourites to make the Valentine's posting earlier, I nearly got lost in a YouTube vortex!

Must admit I don't venture there too often, but there is an awful lot of fantastic content there. I mean this top ten of Aussie drink ads for a start! After that, have a look at the second set. Good stuff {except the Bundy one which is rubbish. I went to see The British and Irish Lions play Vodafonia (Aus) in Sydney, a series sponsored by Bundabloodyberg Rum and could I get a Bundy and coke? No. Ended up withan extremely crap glass of Bacardi instead. I am sure I have a picture of my brother actually getting that round in somewhere - check the VB add at number 10 for politics of that}

Anyway, just wanted to share some chuckles - I'm in a good mood even if Wales are going to run rings around England in the Six Nations later tonight. Ask me why...