Sunday, 22 February 2009

High Life, Low Life

It was very interested book. A woman who was rich and another woman who was poor lived in New York and they were connected without knowing more than twenty years!

After reading, Question 2.What do you think about homeless people?

Recently many news tell us, because the economic is downward, many dispatched workers were dismissed, lost their houses and became the homeless. Some city hired some of them as temporary workers. However, the government looks doing nothing. I think the government must help them at first. We don’t need more roads but they need houses and foods by our tax and duty.

On the other hand, I want to say homeless that don’t select your job. Because there are many jobs which need more resources, e.g. farmer, fisher, health care and welfare work for old people etc... Those jobs are very important recently. We need food more safely and must earn by ourselves, not import. Old people will increase in near future. We need worker for those jobs. Then I hope this country will be good enough for all people.


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jim said...

Maybe the economic slowdown will see a more sustainable lifestyle in Japan? It would be nice to see a lot more effort go into reducing carbon emissions and reduce waste. I am staggered to have to use 'thoyu' heaters in my house that is neither insulated nor double-glazed.