Saturday, 14 February 2009

Matsusho High School - a day in the life

I usually get up at seven o'clock in the morning, and I leave home at eight fifteen. I have to wear a uniform, which I like. The lessons start at eight fifty, and I have a break at ten o'clock

I have lunch at school between twelve o'clock and twelve forty. I usually eat onigiri (a rice ball) and talk with my friends about TV.

I have science lessons three times a week, but I don't like it because it isn't interesting. My favorite lesson is PE, which I have on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I am good at tennis.

The lessons finish at three thirty, and I go home by bicycle. It takes about twenty minutes. After school I do homework for two hours. I hardly ever use a computer. I have some important exams next month and in April.

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jim said...

Well done M, good work!

M did this by herself, in response to questions I was asking her from material we have covered in the last few weeks in class/homework. As you can see, she isn't struggling too much - spell check only rejected 'onigiri' !

What has surprised me with my all of my students since we've been blogging is how low computer literacy is here. I'm no PC genius by any means...shows how careful we need to be about the assumptions we make, though, doesn't it?!