Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jojo's story

Q6. Imagine you are Doctor Nicky. White to Chris and give him the sad news that Jojo has left with the soldiers.

Dear Chris

Hi, Chris. Long time no see.

Today, I have to tell you a sad new. Jojo left children's house with the soldiers.

One day some soldiers visited this house. One of them was old friend with his brother.
He told Jojo to fight to protect his hometown and Jojo listened to his story intently.
After a short time, Jojo left children’s house. When he left home, one of UN solder said he lost his gun. I think Jojo stolen soldier’s gun.Jojo must have decided to fight with his brother’s friend.
I am anxious about Jojo’s safety.

I hope that the world will be peaceful without war.

Thanks & Best regards.