Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dog walking machine

This machine is for the people who have a dog. If you can't go walking with your dog, you can use this machine for it. Using this machine, dogs can walk without you. So, you can get free time. If it is rainy, dogs can walk!

Misaki, you just read Wallace and Gromit's story, The Wrong Trousers. Did you like the book?
Yes. I enjoyed a lot.
Have you ever seen a penguin in your town?
No, I haven't, but I have seen a penguin in the zoo.

Do you have any pets yourself?
I don't have any pets,but I want to have a dog.
Do you agree that Gromit is a cracking canine?
I agree it. Because Gromit helps Wallace.
Wallace loves cheese - especially Cheddar. What grub do you love?
I like Italian grub - especially margarita pizza.
Wallace and Gromit have more adventures - what do you think they will do after this one?
Wallace and Gromit will go on holiday.In there, Gromit will meet a beautiful girl dog and forget Wallace.
Thank you for letting me interview you today, Misaki. I am sure you are very busy!
You're welcome!