Monday, 5 January 2009


(Q2.)Imagine Huw didn't leave for Canada. How would the story continue after chapter 4?

Huw didn't leave for Canada, but he left for London. He wanted to be a artist very strong. It was a hard life to him in London. He painted a lot of pictures of London. Almost people didn't like his pictures. He didn't like his pictures too. He wanted to paint the picture of nature. His picture didn't sell at all.He became poor. At last, he gave up becoming an artist. He went back to Tredonald. He started painting the pictures of Tredonald's nature. Nobody knew why, his pictures sold gradually. Then he became famous for nature painter. Of course, Megan knew the news of his work. She wanted to meet him, but she couldn't. Her father didn't permit. This is end of sad love story.