Monday, 12 January 2009


I read this book, I felt again we should think recycling that we don't worry to live on the Earth. In Japan, we are recycling to divide rubbish when we throw away our rubbish recently. They are bins, plastic, cans and so on. But there wasn't this thinking thirty years ago.

I feel the people overeat and drink too much in Japan. There are a lot of resturant and convenience store in Japan, People buy things that more than enough food and drink. The things are packaged more than enough paper and plastic bag also.

I will start to do something for our earth.

Choose something that interests you about recycling. Find some more information about it. Design a bag with a recycling message that shoppers can use.

I think "Don't throw away me".

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jim said...


I think we throw far too much away - a lot of useless wrapping & packaging especially in Japan.

Did you hear about Motorola's new mobile phone made from recycled plastic bottles? Maybe a bit of a gimmick, but interesting!