Sunday, 25 January 2009

Nothing but the Truth

I like such kind of story because it is happy ending. And I want to visit Bangkok once. I know there are many famus buildings of temples and a palace to visit.

After reading 4. Word search. There are 13 words about the show here. How many can you find?

I found 13 words as below.
producer, understudy, song, lighting, act, part, star, publicity, ticket, stage, clap, director and actor.



jim said...


I used to live in/near Bangkok and must say I never enjoyed the place or the atmosphere there; I was there during the Pro-Democracy riots in 1993 which were very scary too.

Pretty place to visit, and the food can be good, but a bit of a dump all in all. Maybe it got better? From what I can see on the TV, the political mood is still unresolved.


takaaki said...


I see.
Yes, politically the country is not stable.
I haven't been Asian countries so much. So I have just an good image of Thailand because of the temples and the palace.

Have you visit many Asian countries? Do you have any recomendation of country to visit?