Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Describe your favourite place in Scandinavia - after reading Viking Tales

I have never been to Scandinavia, but want to visit Sweden someday. There are mainly two reasons which have being inspired me.

One is music. One of my favorite pop group is Cardigans, who are based in Sweden. I bought their CD when I was a high school student. Nina’s voice is very cute and their songs are very catchy. And, they sing their song in English. This is the most important point for me. They sing very clearly and it was easy for me to catch their words. Their songs became popular in Japan and it was called Swedish pop. I also love Meja. I bought two CDs and listened again and again until I remembered all her songs. When I had my wedding party, I picked up her song “Welcome to the Fun Club of Love” as the starter. Since then, this song reminds me the happy feeling.

Another is furniture and housewares. In Japan, there are some stores of IKEA. They have some floors to display their furniture. It is fun for me to look around their stores. Their design is very pop and the color and textile is very different from that in Japan. So, I want to go to flea market in Stockholm someday.

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