Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My favorite photo "Burubon"

One of my favorite photo is this one of my favorite place.

I took the photo in the summer of 2016 when I was on holiday at quite famous cafe”Burubon” in center of the city of my hometown.

The cafe has already been in there when I was child. There are a lot of mysterious statues in entrance and inside of the cafe. I felt it "strange, Interesting, mad, funny, mysterious..." but I didn't dislike. Those were made by Mr. Kasio Miyazaki who was owner of the cafe. He was also my grandfather's friend. My grandfather had one of his works. But I have never met Mr. Kashio.
I like this photo because I can feel freedom.
I have the photo on my computer.
Everyone knows this cafe which stand out, but courage is necessary to enter inside. Because his works are more mysterious than any work I saw at the museum. Later, My grandfather has passed away, I decided to visit the cafe to see Mr.kashio but I couldn't see him. It's too late. But we can enjoy his lots of awesome works at the caffe. By the way inside of the cafe was nice! Art was exploding! It didn't disappoint me.