Sunday, 27 October 2019

My visit to Venice

I went on a graduation trip to Italy and France with my friends when I was fourth-year student.  Venice is one of the most impressive locations that I visited.

     Venice consists of small islands in the Adriatic Sea.  Gondola had been main methods of transport in Venice over many years.  There are still a few hundreds of gondolas and the most of them are used for sightseeing.  I also took a gondola ride and enjoyed beautiful scenery of the town.

     I went to Venice in February and it is time that the carnival is held every year.  It is one of the three major carnivals in the world and it is said that it started in 11th century.  People get dressed up and put on a face mask during the carnival.  I did neither get dressed up nor put on a face mask, but wore face painting and enjoyed the carnival.

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