Tuesday, 21 April 2015

After reading - The Piano Man: Angels

Write about a person eg a nurse who helped you recover from an injury or illness

My angel was my mother when I was badly injured in my right hand last year. She assisted me in many aspects of daily life as I was right-handed.

The accident happened during the trip with my family in the golden week holiday. We also took my three dogs for the trip. We stayed in a pension that dog was also acceptable to stay. The other guests also took their dogs. Some dogs were excited and barked in the midnight. Two of my dogs were also excited to hear the bark and started fighting. I was awake and picked up one of the dogs to stop it. Then, she bit my right hand and it was bleeding a lot. It was too painful for me to move the hand. My father calmed down my dog and my mother helped me to stop bleeding and cool down my hand by a cool towel. She exchanged it in order to keep my hand cool overnight. I was very glad for her care although I kept feeling pain on my hand.

I got treatment in a hospital next day, but it was very difficult to do many things by myself as my right hand was wrapped in bandages. My mother cleaned the cut, wrapped the hand in new bandage, helped to exchange my clothes, took me to and from company by car and so on. I really appreciated her assistance!!