Thursday, 23 April 2015

Choose another book!

After reading "The Piano Man", which other OUP Bookworm would you like to read that Tim Vicary adapted/wrote?

"The Everest Story" of Mr. Tim Vicary looks very interesting for me.

Some of Japanese tried to climb up to the top of the Everest before. The climbing was broadcast to the world including Japan. There are also a lot of climbers in Nagano as there are lots of high mountains in Japan.

Actually, I had climbed up to the middle of the mountain in Nagano when I was 14 years old. That was my first climbing of the full-scale mountain in my life.

I got used to seeing the people of the climbing mountains since my childhood and liked to see their stories to reach to their final goal after the harshness of nature, various difficulties and enjoyable beautiful sceneries. It is difficult to climb the Everest by myself, but I think I could imagine and enjoy when I read the book. And I also would like to learn how difficult to get the top of the mountain and how to find the way to climb to there.

Posted for Reiko