Monday, 20 April 2015

So what if it rained?!

Well, first of all sorry for anyone who tried to find us by the river yesterday afternoon - it was already raining enough by noon for us to have to go to Plan B, and improvise back at Luna. Turned out to be a very good idea as loads of people still came and spent the afternoon with us.

The kids all had a great time with tons of food, puddles on the tarmac & in the tarps to play with, and charging in & out of the building all day long! Some got soaking wet but oblivious - trying to getter wetter yet!

Thank you dads for coming up with tarps, camping shelters and canny rigging to keep us all out of the rain, and for taking turns at the coals. Mums managed the dry territory and seemed to get first dibs on all the nosh!

Great to see so many people, some making old connections again and others discovering new ones. Also delighted Morten could join us after yesterday's Shinshu JALT presentation on CEFR, something we do know a bit about at JP004!

Check out all the damp photos at the link, and do share any of your own! A grand day in/out!