Friday, 18 September 2020

Black Lives Matter

I saw Women’s Singles of the 2020 U.S. open tennis with interest because I could know in detail seven terrible cases for black victims printed on Naomi’s face mask for each of her matches. Everyone knows that these seven victims are just a little bit of past numerous cases/things that don’t make sense for black people. 

I saw two social issues for the seven victims. I personally think that people sometimes target at someone/people in specific area at the unconscious level to feel that they are taking a superior position to the targeted ones and to strengthen the relationship with other peoples except for the targeted person/people, and not to be left out of group/organization. The thinking at unconscious level will cause bullying as a familiar example and racial discrimination. 

We should understand completely that black, brown, yellow, and white are same human and have no advantage or disadvantage. Another issue is guns. In the USA, if a police officer gets close to a suspicious person, police may need to adopt the tightest security measures because suspicious person has a possibility of carrying a gun, otherwise police officer may get killed by one shot. If a citizen is not allowed to have a gun, police officer may not play as justifiable defense and may not force suspicious person down to the ground like Mr. George Floyd was. I hope that people who do not have any gun are increased in the future not to cause terrible cases like the seven black victims and gun shooting incident. 

I also hope that countries without guns, like Japan, are kept that way.

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