Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Memo to Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Da Vinci,

As you know, you have not finished a lot of paintings yet. I know you are so busy, but it is better for you to finish your painting. So, let me share my tips to improve your work performance.

1. Grasp your whole work:
To recognize how many works that you should finish.

2. Put priority:
Maybe, a lot of orders come in because you are the famous painter. You should consider a priority as it takes time to complete your painting.

3. Make a check list:
Even if you are a genius, your brain has a limit to memory. If you could have the check list, you don’t need to remember how many works are unfinished. Then you can focus on painting in front of you.

4. Hire some staff:
As a paper is expensive , so it might be difficult to prepare a check list. I recommend you to arrange person in order to organize your works.

I hope the above would be help your work. Please kindly image or invest how to arrange human task easily.

Best regards,

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