Friday, 27 November 2020

Traditional Event of Muneage

Most of Japanese houses have building tag. It calls “Munefuda” in Japanese. Building tag is giving not only the building information, name of the owner, designer but also the god’s name written.

In the process of building a house, there is a ceremony when the basic structure such as columns, ridges, and beams are completed. Finally the ridge poles are raised. It is called "Muneage", "Tatemae". In the ceremony, there is an alter which is decorated with a coin skewer in the center and a building tag is set aside. Offerings (fish with head, vegetables, fruits, etc.), rice washing, salt, and water are placed. This ceremony is managed by a master-carpenter to pray safety of construction. After that, the tag is set up in highest purlin and it is facing to south or east like same as many shrines. When the house is completed, it will be hidden in the attic.  

Although we can’t see the Munefuda easily, the tag wishes for the prosperity and protecting from harm.

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