Friday, 28 August 2020

"It's examining, but not as we know it, Jim"

Speaking Examiners at arm's length
Cooperating SEs
A couple of months ago, we were able to run a Cambridge Speaking Examiner certification session in Chikusa, Aichi, with participants very aware of the need to be safe - wearing masks throughout, being socially distanced and not sharing materials, as well as sanitising hands etc.

With recent spikes in Nagoya and Tokyo, we've unfortunately had to cancel a couple of these workshops - sensible, if inconvenient, and reassuring to all that safety is at the top of our considerations.

We are hoping that we'll be able to provide all our examiners with the professional support they'll need to safely deliver speaking tests in the next couple of months, as we try our best to run the exam sessions we are commited to. 

For JP004/Luna's YLE open sessions in Tokyo, Nagoya & Matsumoto >> 

For JP004/Luna's A2:Key & B1:Preliminary sessions in Nagano >> 

For JP004/Luna's B2:First sessions in Tokyo & Nagoya >>

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