Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Sayuri's memorable train journey

Join the queue!
When we arrived at the Paris Nord station, we were physically tired after sleeplessly exploring Paris but full in spirits for our first Eurostar. There was a long queuing for the check in but we arrived 2 hours before just in case, so we didn't care for it.

Suddenly there was an announcement that all the operations would stop as the station got a suspicious message from anonymou. They asked to cancel the journeys if it's possible. Some people made a quick decision and left the queues immediately but most of the tourists stayed there still as if they hadn't heard any news, so we kept in line anyway.

We didn't have so much information from the station but no one complained. If it were in Japan, everyone would ask many questions and most of all, the railway would explain in detail from time to time.

As time went by, people here still seemed to care nothing and some people even started singing and dancing. Two girls came up to the head of the lines and showed the cardboard 'Smile!' with their huge smile. Those would never happen in Japan. Thinking about Covid19, those responses were significant of the attitude towers the situation, I reckon.

Several hours had passed, queues started moving at last. First British passports, then EU, Westerners, finally Asian and others. There was no explanation for delaying and immigrants were not friendly of course, but we were just happy and relieved.
Meals on Wheels

They gave us a train swap boarding pass for any seats. Fortunately we could sit on the same seat as we had booked, a table for two. The Eurostar moved quietly and soon an unexpected make-up dinner was served! 

 After over 6 hours queuing, we were thirsty and starving, so those were more than welcomed. Rather good meal and wine for my husband, we had a nice cup of tea and enjoyed French countryside scenery without any mountains. 

The train hour was rather short, but it was a long and unforgettable train journey.

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