Friday, 27 September 2019

They stand on the right!

Host City: Kobe

Where is the mythical line in Japan where people stop standing on the left on escalators? Kobe is very much right hand territory! Quite off-putting when you are used to a certain way of doing things…
The Kobe Crew

Main event today was sending Damian back to the hotel, as the tickets for England vs USA would be quite helpful getting onto the stadium! After that, we caught up with tractor fans from Suffolk in the Harbour Tavern & suddenly flipped back into Rugby World Cup mood. Loud boos from most of the customers when “Born in the USA” was played; raucous rendition of “Wonderwall” restored order! Eventually chatted with a really interesting ex-Royal Engineer & Falklands vet propping up the bar. A fair number of Wales & Scotland shirts in evidence.
Meeting Argentina

Stunning display of ineptitude by the local boys in blue, citing “danger” but causing chaos & confusion by blocking taxis from unloading at the ground. Truly dumb. Equally stupid is the lack of big screens anywhere, and the queues for the toilets and beer which would have you miss half the game. 

Spidey - a secret England fan!

We enjoyed a powerful running game from England, in the overheated stadium which was awfully humid, “Sweet Chariots” boomed around the place whenever the opposition perked up with their only song!

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