Sunday, 20 January 2019

After reading: The piano

Yesterday was Sir Anthony Evans’ eightieth birthday concert.

He played music for the piano by Liszt, and hundreds of people  came to listen to this very famous pianist. Before the concert, I went to see him and his wife, Lady Linda Evans, in the theater dressing-room, and Sir Anthony told me his story.
He came first in a music competition when he was fifteen, but the story really began before that. One day  in an old building a boy called Tony found a old piano. He was fourteen at the time. He didn’t come  from a musical family  and he didn’t know a lot about music, and when his fingers touched the keys of the piano, half-forgotten music danced through his mind.
After the win of the music competition, he has given thousands of concert as we know.
He told me to tell our readers that he was very lucky man.

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