Sunday, 20 January 2019

Post card from Gofukuji Shrine

Dear Jim,
I’m at Gofukuji Shrine with my husband and daughter.  It is crowed so we parked far from the shrine and had to walk a long way.  I’m tired, but I prayed for a happy life in 2019.
It’s the first time for my daughter to pick a New Year’s fortune.  She put money in a machine and the fortune came out automatically.  It said “Kichi” which means ordinary, and my husband also picked “Kichi”, but I picked “Daikichi” which is the best.

I was nervous because I would have to talk about my New Year’s resolution in front of company’s people after the holiday.
For my resolution, I will get up 30 minutes earlier than last year to have enough time for taking care of my daughter and will read 3 books or magazines in a month.

I wish you have a good year.

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