Thursday, 1 February 2018

Entertainments of Matsumoto city

Cheap amusements

Matsumoto city offers free rental bicycles, so you can explore the town with them.
Luckily, it easy to get most of the sightseeing spots, like the Matsumoto castle,
Kaichi elementary school, Agata no Mori park, by bicycle. Then, if you are thirsty,
you can drink fresh spring water which is clean and tasty in the town. There are
some wells in the town. Making a tour round these wells is also popular. You can
get the map at the city information.

If you have flexible budget

Enjoy the tour of the Matsumoto castle. Visiting the inside of the old historical
castle will be an amazing experience and the view from the top is wonderful.
Also there are some interesting unique museums in the city. 

Try high class entertainment

Matsumoto is well known as a cultural city. Some famous festivals, like the Seiji
Ozawa Music Festival, Kabuki are really popular. Many people visit here from
all over Japan in order to appreciate them. If you have plenty of money, you should
try them.

Matsumoto Museum of Art

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