Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Goldfish - Nazi treasure

It is said the number of art objects such as paintings, sculptures and art prints which Nazi looted from Jews and other countries is 600,000. The art works, Chagall, Matisse, Renoir, etc. which cost 1 billion were discovered in 2012 at the apartment of Munich. But over 100,000 artworks have not been discovered yet.

This book's author is Kouichi Fujita who worked in Berlin as a correspondent of Mainichi news company. He wrote this reportage in April 2011. He wrote about 'Room of amber ', 'Gogh collection ' and Vermeer. Hitler persisted in Vermeer. He wanted to open Linz Museum. But he couldn't do because the war situation became worse for Germany.

I was surprised that 'Astronomer' of Vermeer was looted by Nazi.So, there is Swastika which was symbol of Nazi on the back of 'Astronomer'. I saw it at Louvre Museum. It was a small but very wonderful painting. Most of the artworks which Nazi collected were changed to gold by the help of Swiss Bank and British Bank. Then they were sold and disappeared as the cost of war.I think some people have the artworks which were looted by Nazi. Perhaps they will not be discovered easily.

I hope that all artworks are discovered and can see them at the museums in many countries. The wonderful artworks are not Nazi treasure. They are our treasure forever.

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