Monday, 26 February 2018

The Last Leaf and Other Stories - Detective's diary

I looked a happening in my presence. May, the sister`s older child, had closed the door of the strong-room. Then she had turned all the knobs. But the other child, Agatha, was inside the strong-room. Agatha is Annabel` sister. Nobody has chosen the numbers for the lock!Jimmy Valentine is now Ralph. D. Spencer. and he is going to marry the banker`s daughter, Annabel. Every family doesn`t know he was safe-cracker. Ralph looked a happening with Annabel`s family. and Ralph became Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy used special tools and cutting into the steel door. after that Jimmy pulled the big handle and the door opened. The child was safe, she was not hurt. Jimmy said to me "Arrest me" But I looked at Annabel and her family.They were all crying quietly. Jimmy helped Agatha and family. Family thanked for Jimmy. Family was confused the happening. So I decided not to arrest he.

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