Monday, 29 June 2009

The Mark of Zorro

I read the book "The mark of Zorro". This story is very interesting. I had heard name of Zorro, but it was first time to read Zorro's story.
After Reading:No.9
Have you seen a film about Zorro? No! I haven't seen film about Zorro.
Write a review of this book:
Zorro wear a long dark cloak around his body and a black mask. He is very strong man!
He fight for right(?) and helps weak and poor people.
This story's town is "California".
The Governor of California and his soldiers do bad thing for people. Whenever theirs crime were found, Zorro punished for evildoer.
Zorro is one of the richest families member. He usually lives normal.
But when he finds a bad thing, he change Zorro. He hope peaceful town.

I want to read, if there is a sequel this book.

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