Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Biography of Jim George

Jim George(1965- ),
He is the owner of English school in Matsumoto. He graduated from Lancaster University in England.
The long trip of his life seems to have begun since he entered university. According to my interview, he studied economics at university, but he was not satisfied with it, and changed his major to social psychology. However, this decision didn’t satisfy him, either. It was after graduation that he noticed his interest is international relations.
I do not know whether his actions after graduation were related to his interests, but after graduation, he went on a long long journey to various countries, America, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Japan. According to the Home Page of his English school, he lived in Tokyo and Suzaka, but the place where he decided to live was Matsumoto. It was in 1993 that he decided to live in Matsumoto, because of a lot of greenery and fresh air, moderate population density.
He qualified as an English teacher in England before coming back to Matsumoto. The experience of teaching English in Japan, showed that high ability to teach English was necessary for a teacher. He spent a lot of money, time, effort and a qualification in English teaching.
He founded English school in Matsumoto and does splendid work to give Japanese peoples a chance to enjoy English culture.