Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Little kitten - order the story

These students have reached a high enough level of English and maturity to start doing multi-level tasks such as this one, and it's a lot of fun. We started with me telling the story and showing the pictures. I elicited the information from the students , so really they told the story to themselves! Then we read the story strips together and matched them to the pictures. After that I gave each student a picture card and they had to memorize the associated sentence. Students then had to work together in order to retell the story in the correct sequence.

This type of activity is great because students have to work together to get the desired outcome. It also incorporates reading skills which is so important for children this age. I would like to see this class do a performance for their parents. Perhaps we can add in some actions next time, with students taking turns to do the actions and being the narrator. What do you think? Come on!!! It will be fun!!!!!!!