Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Merchant of Venice

No36 A student magazine has asked readers to write a modern short story about the ‘The importance forgiveness’. The best one will be printed in the magazine. Write your story.

Title: ‘The Importance Forgiveness’

Forgiveness reflects the growth as a human, I think. Forgiveness that you can show is a barometer of mature. A few years ago, when I was watching TV showing a well-known major league baseball player said that this year’s objective was forgiveness. He couldn’t forgive minor things such as wet-seaweeds with rice balls.

Off course, forgiveness is important, but I believe there is a more important thing when people show their forgiveness. It’s a warm-heartedness for others. Forgiveness is based on love.

A few weeks ago, I was relaxing in my house after work. Then I took a bath with my two children, one was my daughter 6 years old and the other is my son 3 years old. No sooner did I finish taking a bath than a bell rang. At that time, my wife was out of home. So I had to answer the phone, although I couldn’t wear my clothes. I wrapped my body with a towel quickly, then I got the phone. “Hello”, I said. I heard woman’s harsh high voice from the phone, “Hello”. It was from big telephone company to advertise their new internet high speed line. She kept talking and talking about their new products. It was such an annoying story that I wanted to make her stop and hang up quickly. Then my children were coming around me and started trashing me. “Dad, you are naked” My children jeered. They were getting excited and heated up. I cast my cold eye to them again and again, but they didn’t care anything. Finally my children sang a song with loud voice like “Naked, Naked, Naked...” At the moment, the caller who was still talking to me burst into laughing. I got mad about her laughing voice, I couldn’t give my forgiveness for the caller. I had the last word and hung up strongly. I also got mad at my children but I could give my forgiveness.

This pitiful short story describes that forgiveness depends on their love. In this case, I could give my forgiveness to my children because I love them, on the other hands, I couldn’t give to the caller because I don’t. That’s the difference. Forgiveness is based love.
Masao Kuroda