Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Double Bass Mystery

This is the mystery of double bass player Penny and her orchestra members visited in Barcelona for their concert. Unfortunately, her double bass was lost between carrying for Barcelona, and one day their manager Frank died.
Was it a murder? Who killed him? Why her double bass was lost?

It is very interesting story with some fun pictures.

Write a sentence about each picture.
p5 : Reach airport in Barcelona.
p9 : Planning about free time.
p12: Les Rambles.
p14: The concerts start without Simon.
p19: Scream!!
p23: Questions from good-looking Inspector.
p26: Unconfortable people.
p33: Some trouble!
p37: Two men stole double bass from the truck.
p43: In the prison.
p47: Where did you get it!?

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