Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Mark of Zorro

Its story is interesting. Zorro fought with bad people and he won.
It is a story of the hero. I was interested to Miss Lolita. She is heroin in this story.
I think she is very cute and wise. Some man proposes to her. She dose not select rich man and strong solder. She loves to Zorro. Zorro masked him face. Why does she love?
I think that she was very surprised when she understood that Zorro is Don Diego.
I want to meet the woman like her.

I knew “Mask of Zorro”. It is a movies title. I look this book at first. This book’s title is mistake. I learnt that this story’s original title is “Mark of Zorro.” Zorro marked “Z” on Roman’s face with his sword. I thought his trade mark is his mask before reading this book. Now, I think his trade mark is mark of “Z”. It is interesting to compare the movie with the original. I will compare other stories.


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