Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Space Invaders

What strikes me is that Omega said ‘I can do anything I like. But I must not become like these humans. ‘I felt that greedy destroys us like shylock in the Merchant of Venice. When they went to Zeron to get the Zeron crystals, which are very expensive, three thieves killed one another. At last, the only person, Varon was able to survive. The irony is that Omega, the robot that is made by humans, felt he must not become like these humans. It’s very ironic as if children felt they must not become like adults.

After finishing this story, the space invaders, several questions occurred to me. Why did Omega save Varon’s life in Zeron first? If Omega helped Varon to get Zeron crystal, Omega is also greedy like humans. And What did Omega know about Varon? When they met in Zeron first, he knew his name and what to want. Why did he know those? If Omega knows a lot of things, why did he help his friend, the original master not to be killed? The most biggest thing that I didn’t understand was why Varon was survived? Because he didn’t plan to kill others? I wanted more information regarding Varon’s personality. If I got it, I would have felt empathy for Varon more.

Here are "Points for Understanding" on the final part of the book. I selected chapter 7.

1. ‘ inside the compartment, you will see the white control switch, ‘ said Omega.
(a) Where was the compartment?
Omega’s right side.
(b) How could Varon open the compartment?
Varon could open it by using his sonic key.
(c) What was Varon to do to the switch?
The switch was locked in the “on” position and Varon unlocked the switch and set it to the “off” position.
(d) What was Varon to put inside the compartment?
Varon put Zeron crystal inside the compartment.
2. ‘ I remember that compartment, ‘ said Garth.
(a) What had Garth made the owner of the spaceship do?
Garth made the owner program Omega to obey Garth and Miranda’s commands.
(b) What had the owner of the spaceship done to the switch in the compartment?
The owner of the space ship had turned the switch to the “on” position and locked it there.
3. ‘But he’s a robot, ‘ said Miranda. What two things did Mirand say a robot could not do?
A robot cannot tell lies and can not do harms to human beings.
4. Why could not Garth use Varon’s sonic key?
Because it was programmed to Varon’s fingerprints, it will not work for anyone except Varon.
5. ‘ I must find a way of getting the gun from him, ‘ thought Varon. Why did Varon want to get Garth’s laser gun.
If Varon doesn’t kill Garth first, he will kill Varon.
6. Garth and Miranda looked at the crystal closely.
(a) What did Garth say about the crystal?
It is beautiful, said Garth.
(b) What did Miranda say?
It’s valuable.
(c) Why was Varon unhappy?
Because he got the crystal by himself for his life, nevertheless, he lost his very expensive crystal to keep the life support systems.

Masao Kuroda


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I’m reading this book now. I have read until chapter 3, and haven’t met Omega’s words yet, i.e. “I can do anything I like. But I must not become like these humans”. I’m looking forward to seeing this phrase. Keep reading. :-)

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