Monday, 8 June 2009

The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories

There are three stories in this collection.

The first is about a comical but pitiful ghost, who lives in the Canterville for three hundreds years. He has not been dead peacefully, so he appears to frighten people in this house. However, only some rich Americans, Otis and his family aren't afraid, and they frighten the ghost. They treat him with a sneer. The ghost feels very unhappy. At last, the daughter helps the ghost kindly, so he could be dead peacefully. This part is touching.

The second is a very short story. There is a very good looking and kind gentleman. He has many friends. He wants to marry, but unfortunately he is poor. The girlfriend’s father tells him “If you want to marry with my daughter, make one thousand pounds”. However, he gets one thousand pounds unexpectedly. This story is the most favourite for me in this book.

The last story is about a man’s fate. He has a plan to get married. A palmist reads the man’s fortune at a party that he would kill someone. He believes his fate that the palmist told him. He decides to make his own future that he won't marry with fiancée until he will kill someone. He fails to kill two people, but at last he succeeds in killing one person. He finally get married then he feel very happy to have made his own future.

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