Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ghost Storyes

Dear my friends,,
This is a third reading books for me.
I interested in this stories but I hate a ghost.
The most interesting story is "The stranger in the Mist"
He wanted to rescue travellers who had lost their way.
But he had a copy of a very old,out -of -date map.
This story say that his spirit still walks among the hills,
searching for lost travellers.
If MADOG had a new map,he would be a Hero.
He was a good ,kind man.
Next favorite story is "Smee".
I realised that thirteenth was Brenda Ford who broke her neck on the stairs.
She would like to play with them.
At last I felt that absolutely terrifying story was "The judge's House".
There at end of the bell rope hung the body of MOORE.
The judge's House judged "NO"
Please read this book.
by keiko.