Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bon Bon - 2008 style

A very enjoyable night out, I must say!

What an evening, and what a great turnout we had? At least 70 people of all ages joined us this year, and most managed to last the pace from start to finish. Dancing for 3 whole hours is a big ask - and I'm sure there are some aches and pains being felt today?

I can't remember where we went! I know we ended up in front of Parco for the second year running; we avoided the graveyard = the top of eki-mai. The length of Ise-machi, and the crowds along Hon-machi dori, and we had a few moments of glory in front of the main stand outside 82 bank. Think our big hands were well photographed again (makes us look tall & shiney), and our super cheerful young brigade did us all proud.

Anna & Hina-chan led us along smartly, and Eri's tennis buddies once again led the choreography with a lot of help from Tomohiro & Yumie; Tomoko & Yuki kept us supplied with refreshments and made sure the glamourous team behind us didn't trample us!

As you can see from the photos everyone had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming & joining us/supporting us; please share your photos & comments here too?

Dancer of the year = Rui-kun

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