Thursday, 21 August 2008

I stay in the United States.

I am staying Bethlehem in the United States by business trip from 8/17. This town is very old. There is also an old church and an old building and it is a very beautiful scene. After today's meeting. I am going to move to the N.Y city. In this town, I have some freetime. I will be enjoy sightseeing.

I can not upload photo. After return to Japan, I am going to upload a photo.

I have some problems. The first problem is language. I couldn't listen to the natural speed English and I couldn't speak well. I though that I should study English still more. The Second problem is food. American food has volume, and since it is intensely flavored, I wants to eat Japanese-style food.


jim said...


I know one Bethlehem is very old...I always think it is funny when Americans say something is old, because compared to European/other cultures, it really is very new!

I look forward to your photos and hearing about your plans to study harder ;)

See you in class tomorrow - hope you are not jet-lagged?!


jim said...

I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Thank you for your sourvenir. It is a chocolate. I ate it. It was great - very delicious and sweet.

What was your most favorite scene in the city?