Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The kids have all the fun!

It can never be stressed enough how important it is to make classes meaningful for the students and as true to life as possible. This includes relating topics to everyday life as well as using realia in class. Everyone learns in a different way and it is important for the teacher to provide visual, aural and kinesthetic stimulus so as to facilitate learning for all learner types. This applies to all ages, but is especially true for children. We all agree that seeing, touching, using or experiencing something is more memorable than just being told about it. So here is how we put this theory into practice. I played this 'getting dressed' game with my Supertots group last week and they absolutely loved it. As well as practicing clothes vocabulary they also got to practice related action words in context.

Another thing we had fun with the other day was the craft activity. Students had to make a crown by cutting out the shape with scissors and then decorating with circles, triangles and squares. The results were beautiful and I'm not lying when I say I wasn't just a little bit envious of those wearing the crown.

Wish I was a kid again.