Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I learnt the volume of rubbish, and recycling of countries in the world in this book. And, I was able to know problems of rubbish.

Rubbish at home is divided in my country. However, I wasn't thinking of the meaning. I think that it is also important to do myself though making law by the government is also important. I use things a long time. And, I don't throw away things. I hope for a beautiful environment of earth without problem of rubbish in the future.

After Reading Question 3: "Add two more things you think will be true in the year, and say why you think this."

1 . I think all things will recycle. All countries won't use landfill site of rubbish.
2. A lot of wastes thrown away will be removed. And, the earth will return to beautiful environment.

*There are my hopes. To be true, all people should be doing.


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jim said...


I spent a day working in the rubbish ("Gomi") centre in Akashina, near Matsumoto - before I could get a job teaching English. It was disgustingly greasy, smelly, dirty. Everything I touched was nasty. My hair (yes, a long time ago!) stank for a week afterwards & I threw away the clothes I wore that day.

It was obvious in that day that "recycling" doesn't happen very well here. A lot of stuff just got burnt. I think the recycling in Japan is a good idea, but really stupidly administered. eg Why aren't there any "bottle banks" for people to drop off empties (glass bottles) whenever they go shopping - and not a once-a-month collection as it is now?

Looks like a good book - let's hope everyone reads and learns!