Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Seasons & Celebrations

After Reading question 1:
Here are two e-mails about different celebrations.

Subject: New Year's Eve
Time: 23.30 Date: 31 December

Hello from Edinburgh!
There are thousands of people in the streets. Everyone is singing and dancing. There are a lot of fireworks, too. It's very noisy! In half an hour it will be midnight. Everyone is excited! Nobody will go to work tomorrow - it's a holiday, and all the banks and shops will be closed. Everyone will stay in bed!
Bye! Tam

Subject: Halloween
Time: 19.45 Date: 31 October

I'm staying with a family in New York. The children are having a party tonight. They've dressed as witches and ghosts - they say it keeps the bad spirits away! There are a a lot of decorations in the house, too - they're black and orange. Outside the door there's a strange light. Someone has cut a pumpkin in the side of a face, and they've put a light in it!
See you!


I went to business trip to Shanghai in the beginning of November. It was a first visit to China. On the final day, I rode a "Shanghai Maglev Train". The line runs from Longyang Road station to Pudong International Airport. It takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the distance of 30 km. A train can reach the maximum operation speed of 431 km/h!! It was very comfortable.

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jim said...


New Year`s Eve in Edinburgh sounds cold but a lot of fun. Would you like to experience that kind of party - the end of the Year always seems such an anti-climax in Japan (I can never find a party to enjoy!)

Hallowe`en I never celebrate - seems a very American idea to me. Besides, Guy Fawkes is only a few days after.

431kmh on a train? Wow! That is extremely fast. That would make the trip to Narita much easier wouldn`t it?!

Good posting, thank you. Keep up the good work!