Monday, 24 November 2008

Logan's Choice

Logan's Choice is a crime fiction of murder. Jenny Logan wan an inspector in the Edinburgh.

In the middle of the night, she got the phone. That was te news of murder. Alex Maclennan was killed. Then she reasoned who killed Alex Maclennan, his wife?, his brother in law?, manager of restaurant??

I was able to read smoothly unexpectedly. Because I like the crime fiction same as last the Space Fiction, too.

The murder was *********!!He was manager of Maclennan's restaurant. He was a joint manager, but it was a crime by what it was not able to be given an enough pay for.

I did not know whom was murder, Ian Ross or Donald Johnstone. Therefore I tell them, "Mr. Fraser saw someone climbing into Alex's bathroom.". Then we waited to come murderer and catched him. ******** was catched by Logan.

I like this book, because I like the crime fiction. This story was clear and easily read for me.

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jim said...


Thanks for the posting - it looks like an exciting story. I deleted the name of the murderer in case anybody else hasn't read the book yet, OK?

I also took out the "homework" bits as you don't need to post these - just give me the worksheet when you've finished it, OK?

Good job. Jim